Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Marching in to March!

Well, already its the month of March!

This month, since my own baby bump is getting bigger, I have been thinking about baby sets for my Bea Creative business. We have three ranges starting from £11 and going up to £30, with a large choice of fabrics for everyone to choose from, for their little bundles of joy!

Its been really lovely making these, and myself and another local business will be joining forces to make nappy cakes, which will include these baby items! They should then be sold at local fayres around Pembrokeshire, but if you would like one made and you live further a field, email me on bealovegrove@bea-creative.co.uk 
They are so pretty and I like the fact that clients are able to pick and choose which fabrics they want, rather than having to stick to what a shop has to offer!

                                                               Baby set 3 - £30

The weather has been very hit and miss this last month, so the arrival of some sunny spells has lifted the spirits of many around the country! I have been looking out of my window during the week at the glorious sunshine! With the news that the clocks will be going back soon, we will have another whole hour of sunshine to enjoy. It reminds me of summer evenings, spent in beer gardens after work, soaking up the last rays of sunshine! These days now I'm a mother, if the weather is nice enough, I pack a beach bag and a picnic in the back of my car and drive the kids straight from school to the beach! Theres nothing like the sand between your toes and some waves lapping happily around your ankles, whilst watching the kids splash about and make sandcastles!

In more baby related news, I have sewn my first piece of artwork. This is a new one for Bea Creative, but if anyone were ever interested, I will happily make them one too, in their chosen colours. The reason why its baby related, is I the artwork in question is my baby bump, entitled 'Mummy tummy'. After feeling rather fat and frumpy, I realised I had to just embrace and enjoy my new found curves, as pregnancy doesnt last that long (however never ending it feels at the time!). I've sewn a life size bump for myself and for the kids to forever remember where they came from! I've sewn my childrens names into the bump (the new almost arrival included) and they really enjoyed searching around the bump, trying to find their own names! Its now happily hanging above my bed.

                                                          Mummy tummy artwork - £85

I've got other play mat and changing mat plans that will be revealed over the next month but to keep up to date on everything Bea Creative, please visit my facebook page www.facebook.com/Beacreative
or my website www.bea-creative.co.uk.

Right, I think thats everything for now. I hope you are all enjoying the weather too and I will catch up with you all in April!

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